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The 30-year-old Cantık & Pide restaurant with No other branches tagline.

March 18, 2024·2 min read
The 30-year-old Cantık & Pide restaurant with No other branches tagline.

Tarihi Bursa Cantıkçısı ve Pide has been selling for three decades with a tagline that makes it unique, "There is no other branch" in Şehrekustu Bursa Türkiye.

They serve Cantık and Pide, a Turkish dish that is similar to pizza, but with its characteristics. The dough is shaped like a boat or round, served with a variety of toppings such as minced meat, chicken, cheese, or mushrooms, making the culinary experience here always appetizing.

Tarihi Bursa Cantıkçısı ve Pide Salonu is indeed a busy place. On weekdays, they can sell an average of 700-800 servings of Cantık and Pide, while on weekends, the number jumps up to 1,500 servings. This proves that people love the dishes they serve.

The cozy atmosphere and strategic location in the shopping center make this place a top choice for loyal customers and new shoppers alike. With long opening hours, from morning to night, anyone can enjoy Cantık and Pide whenever they want.

What makes Tarihi Bursa Cantıkçısı ve Pide salonu so special is their baking process which still uses a traditional oven with wood as fuel. This not only gives their dishes a distinctive flavor but also adds a precious traditional touch to them.

So, it's no surprise that this restaurant remains a favorite destination for foodies in Bursa. With a focus on quality, consistency, and customer experience, they continue to maintain a strong reputation and become an indispensable place for anyone looking to enjoy authentic Cantık and Pide in the city.


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